2 by 2


Must check!

Psychasthenia Societ  – nice way of story telling


XNOGRAFIKZ – awesome design studio company. real professional


week2 assignment.



Break-up no.1

throat is squeezed.
a rock appears and disappears in it.
It’s been for over a year. I’m worn out.

What if I regret?
being back and forth enough for last 390 days
, however,
my bloody heart still pumps and jumps around
just by thinking of your rear head.

Break-up no.2

when hold my desire back tight,
I feel a rush of blood to my head.
twist tab of emotion right before it bursts.

want to over, but cannot.
‘must be crazy..’ I say.

I am
must be a circuit storing only good memories in my head.



week1 assignment.

Here’s the link for the photos from great Magnum photo archive.


and for the short story of movie

Mac vs. PC : entertaining purposed film I guess, and the medium is animation using South Park’s characters. It triggers wits and humor based upon the real life experience which you will mostly agree with if you’ve been facing frustration of computer.

It’s really fun! That’s the key aspect of this short movie.

15th Century email: It’s an imaginary scenario supposed if we have email in 15th century. Fun! fun! fun!

For the short story, and small screen, fun stuff might work most.

On the other hand, I can see that it will be poetic which might convey personal story.

I’m doing reaserch on this with ‘Cyworld.com’ which is Korean the most popular blog ever. As reported, 80% of people between 13 and 35 are blogging their story there, and creating interesting community by sharing pictures and stories.


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