DWD:Dynamic Web Development

Final Project Description.

data base design




Go to the final project web

Go to admin page

(id:uu | password:vv)

I’ve been working on my personal website, with starting DWD class.

I built a structure using PHP, SQL, Javascript, and CSS.

Also, put great consideration of UI design. For instance, you can see the contents on the right side and pop-up window, without navigating pages to pages.

In terms of contents, I minimized it by emphasizing essential work, and using the least amount of text, since no one is delightful to read about gibberish.

Thanks you guys during the semester,

and Special Thanks to Chris!!! You’re the best teacher!

Final Project Idea.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not going to happen in short amount of time, making CMS a.k.a. contents management system.

So, I will make a Dynamic Personal Website!!

It will contain flash movie, and edit page of image & text, and nice css.

Wait, look what I found.

cms sample

you can download cms sample files…..which means, all you need to do is linking them and putting them in right path.


But, still no luck for me, so I’ll stick with the personal web thingie.


Midterm Project Description

For midterm project, I made personal website linked to login site.

To login to the demo, use the username: uu and the password:vv

I focused on making things work, and CSS.

used most of the ways to do with CSS, such as inline, embedded, external, and assigning by class.

Before I know PHP and MySQL, I was going to make a nice portfolio site as a final goal of this class. To achieve both goals, I made

personal web and log-in page.

It’s a half way through my final project idea, which will be a blog type website enabling people to share movie of educational contents esp. DIY documentation. (well, if what I’m thinking is CMS, it’s sure that I’m not going to be able to make it happen in shortly, I ‘m going to change final project idea.)

here’s what I have as a nut shell of design aspects of it, and systems, and…it’s working!!!


design reference from Tim Jaeger

Thanks, Tim. I’ll iterate it soon!!

Data Design below.




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