Live Image Processing





written in Processing.

using camera for motion detect done in Jitter, sends to Processing.

the objects moves followed by audience.

Final Project Proposal.

Oops, I just decided to combine my final with You Jeung.

  • input : human motion which could be shadow.
  • output : sound and video

To make a full screen : click on F7(extended display ), and then click & drag on the window you want to show.

I might want to hook up with Processing, sending X, Y value from Jitter to Processing, and draw in Processing, generating sound in Max.

I’ve been studying relation between intuitive human response and images which hook the audience.

So, I’m making a Jitter patch now, and it’s about drawing when motion is tracked by DV camera.

For this, I need a dark space, DV camera, projector, and speaker.

It will play ambient note when camera detects some motion.

week13(?). extras

for the final idea… been squizing head, but no luck so far.

so I guess I’ll be digging my head a little more in few days.

hopefully I can get some nice decent idea.

check the opening show at Bitform on Friday, Nov. 13th.

The Great Idea For The Final:

Since using sound as output give you obnoxious random sound, nothing but noise, so I decide to only use image as output.


  • in
  • pattr
  • store
  • pattrstorage
  • recall

week11. Audio writing, JavaScript

object: js (javascript)

you can load your max patch inside of JavaScript. What’s good about that is….

1 it’s easy to work switching work environment.

2 you don’t have to worry how to embed your old code to your new App.

object: jit.peek~ (scanning the screen) †higher pixel means higher notes…I guess…


codec, color mode convert from ARGB to YUV

What’s YUV?@colormode uyvy


1. vertex mass with geometry

2. fragment mass with texture

Paul Bourke


What’s performance?

intentionality, space, audience, code switching(idiolect), duration…


interesting discussion.

super weird

Week8 : Computer vision

uninvited guest:
Paul Kaiser
Naron Krueser : aec.
Solon Levin
Christian Moller:
Natalie Jeremijenko :
‘Pale fire’ -poem 1965
Eric Rosenzveis/ willy lemaitre
Perry Hoverman :
sound panting: Walter Thompson
Christa Sonmerers
Camille Utterback :
Rafael Lozano-hemmer :

David Rokeby
open ended group:

presence detector by using luminosity
: jit.change, jit.rgb2luma, 3m(min, mean,max)

motion detector by using scissors
:jit. op @op absdiff (frame differencing), jit.op @op> val20

color tracnking by using color value
: jit.matrix, jit.findbounds, unpack 0 0, pack 0 0 0 0 , clear,framerackt


check this out.

my reference…







jit.op (opperator) RGB (0-255) -> 0.0 – 1.0


jit.dimmap (flip the movie upside & down or right to left)


Links : Sue-C John Giles


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