eiv: Scott Fitzgerald


week 9 Mar. 19th

discussing about notion of objects in installation.

Objecthood. Projection materials.

Guest Speaker : Nicole Cohen (flaut7@earthlink.net)

(advanced exhibition: Paris show, Palm Spring show, etc..)

google, skype are collecting lots of art works. Use it! If you have a solid convincing proposal, try to contact with funding companies.

week 6 Feb.26th

Project Concept Proposal

Don’t you want to know what is happening in my room when I’m all alone? Now, starting with this odd question, you might already felt some voyeuristic interest. That’s where this project concept is driven by. Observing very vigorous video blogging mood today, I could assume that voyeurism brought enormous bloggers into video websites, such as ‘Youtube’.

The intention of mylittlesecret is let audience experience natural desire. By stealing a glance, they can be aware of voyeurisim deep inside of the mind simultaneously during watching the video. First, I used a mirror as a trigger medium through the another world where audience would be. I’m doing very personal stuff in front of the mirror, but the mirror is actually a camera lense so I’m exposing my privacy to any potential audience. Second, everyone has their own secret behavior which they might not do in front of others. Putting make up and drying hair represent what a girl might be doing in her own room before going out. Also, dancing stupidly alone could be very personal expression for you do not care people watching it. Last, by editing the video, it can have technical aspects unlike video works in the past era. I believe that editing is one of the very important aspects in modern video art scene. ‘Tracy + the plastics’ is very good example of what editing allow. In mylittlesecret, by editing the time delay between moving out of the frame and out, I create more solid consequences. Also, I filmed with 16mm in horizontal angle, and then converted into digital file to rotate. The reason why I shot in side way is that I wanted to give a full-body mirror aspects, or else it’d look like just television.

All in all, I wanted to explore voyeuristic aspects of contemporary society by using video and performance.

<Comments from audience>

” Actually, I felt very uncomfortable like I’m doing something bad. But when you started to dance, I finally felt relieved.”

Based on this feedback, I realized that they’ve experienced conflict between desire to watch more of it and not to watch for ethical reason. It’s very interesting consequences. I guess they felt kind of guilty because they personally know me already, so they might feel it’s not right to steal a glance a friend of them. I wonder if they totally do not know me, and watch a video alone instead of watching in public.

special thanks to Robert Moon for technical support and fresh idea. 🙂


week 5 President’s day _no class


week 4 Feb. 12th

<<Project Idea >>


People are already exposed at highly evolved tech by SF movies and TV. The highest level that smart people can come is already reaching at the sky. As an artist or a performer, what I pursuit is the most important thing at this moment to come up with certain idea.

Medium: Processing, photo images of Juergen Teller and some others.

Idea: Two images of taboo on the screen i.e display one gross iamge with another pretty one, so that make people uncomportable or shocked. Then a camera installed above the screen shoots the moment of people’s reaction and reproject it right next to the two displayed images. It’ll give audience a chance to look back what they really think unconsciously, unlike what they believe they think. The purpose of this project is let people experience their vailed desire and nature, so that let them think of the gap between civilized ego and human nature. the ultimate question I want to throw is ‘What is the real you?’.

Furthermore, I want to see how people decide their behavior apply it into the reality after they realize these two exrem feature inside of human nature.


week 3 Feb.5th

Video in theatrical performance.

What is the meaning of building interactive medium for your performance?

guest speaker : Maya Ciarraocchi / choreographer, projection designer, performance artist.

Taking a look back of pioneers in interactive video, such as Maya Deren, NamJune Paik.

Interactive video softwares:

Isadora/ purposely maden for live performance(troikatronix.com)

Watchout, by Dataton/ time line based, highly ended, cool program (dataton.com)


Messa de Voce -Placing the Voice

Assignment- due to Feb. 12th

bring specific idea for the project.


Interactive video exmpl from LCI


week 2 Jan. 29th

Discussion about phenomenon of modern interactive video.

Question: How much is it important to intreger yourslf by seening performances?

Separate : It affects not only b/w the object video and audience, but also the object and itself. i.e [boomerang] Nancy Holts

My question is …

I agree with most of the opinions people are throwing here. However, isn’t the character of ‘Narcissism’ solely the aspect of the self-shooting video format? Yes, it is, but we’re dealing with ‘Video performances’ not just public video such as flickr. In that point, I can think of narcissistic video would be significant mark of performance video.

In this era, video performance has been evolved to be ‘mass-media adaptable’ format. For example, video clips for the DJing. Another form is could be a theatrical notion such as La Tempet
Obviously, as technology improved, the whole notion of expression has been changed.

vito acconci

Vito Acconci : Centers 1971

Assingment- due to Feb. 26th

Come up with idea , and bring addtional documents or resources to show about your idea. No particular electric tech needed. Be able to show or talk about your project for around 5 min. The point is think of the idea as working with video in performing at certain space.


week 1 Jan. 22th

introduction about notion of interactive video



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