sustainable practices

Book review

Mar. 3

I and Rob, started actual footstep this week. Wherever going, we recording our process, and making a document. It was his idea, documenting every steps of progress, and I’m doing my job which is making a real nice clothes. At this point, I can see this idea about whole sustainability.Two professionals combine their abilities, with bringing concept of sustainability, so that they can make something real deal.

I see that this is the essential idea of this project, not only about documentation and making something nice, but also about professionalism based on wide angle through the real world.

Feb. 26

Research for idea

First of, I was surprised by these two websites. They’ve already doing their business with idea of sustainability essentially.

Our goal is to change the world without by not changing it all. We think there is a new way to do business. A better way. A way that provides for the present while also providing fir the future. A way the reduces our reliance on scare resources and replaces them with annually renewable ones. It’s a more sustainable way of doing business. And we will act as a catalyst for helping companies operate in more sustainable ways. We’ll do this by providing solutions that combine superior performance with reduced environmental impact. And by doing so, we will create a better world for ourselves, our partners, and the world at large. – Philosophy of Ingeo. referanced from”

Wow, they seem like they really care about sustainability, and are really presenting their every single steps of procedure based on the preserving the environments. I do not know how much it is true, but if there’s only 50% of truth of it, still will be great.

Looking at small movement makes me smile.
Feb. 25

Meeting with Giana. We’re going to pick up ton of discarded clothes from her friend( technically her boss) on this Wednesday. Yappi!!

Feb. 24


Feb. 21


Meeting with Tom.

Feb. 20

Meeting with RobJack.

Feb. 18


Feb. 14

How would we convince RobJack to use train instead of a car for trip to his home in Phili?

If participanting to the economical behavior once such as drinking a cup of coffee, you’re a part of chain that polluting Earth. Because, the cup made out of pulp and plastic lid will be rarely recycled.

So..I’m reading and searching resources what people already studied about the issues, so that I can come up with new idea that helps prolong this activation a little while. I really want to do something that help people aware of the importance of sustainability and do the real action, with facing ecological issues indivisually. Forwards, I hope I can educate them what can they do in their real lives.


What are these plastics going after I throw them away? Are there specific places that classify them inorder to recycle all the garbages? This has been my major question since I’ve lived in NY. Contrary, people throw their garbage seperately i.e PVC, glass bottle, paper, can etc. So I didn’t worry about sever soil polution by barrying them.

However, there’re still contraversy about after process of recycling system


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