Information Contours

class 2.

topics: internet security & reliability, AT&T law suit,  Wiretapping Essay from Webster's  -The beginning of 'information revolution' was said by F.W.Tayler who went to G.E. and observe the work process.  Everything that we know, in those day, you had to go in there and transfer info in order to sell the car and other products.   there's forces and deeds to spread those info that we have in everywhere.

class 1.

about me: I’m interested in where this all technology is going to and bringing us.


-redesigning humans by Gregory Stock

-out post human future by Francis Fukuyama

-theories of the information society by Frank Webster

Metaman : metaman is a new definition of current and future generation.

our posthuman futer : human nature which is meaningful concept, religion which joined with our deep nature.

consequences of biological improvement, giving a lot of examples of it.

redesigning humans : manipulation of genes, power of technology, when where and how would we manipulate.

changes is accelerating, complex, rapid.

These books emphasize the broad range of tech and human relations and it has pervasive level of view.

my 2 cent

-Having eyes to tell what to choose among the lots of unfaithful information will be the hot issue from now on.


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