Pcomp Studio

class 12.

Q: why do we put diode in motor circuit?

A: motors are reducible transistor. When voltage goes up, to protect the motor transistor, we make voltage go around through to diode.

Piezo generates both positive and negative voltage.

class 11.

special session from Jeff.

-How to use Boot loader mini.

First of, Let’s remind there are various kinds of board selection in Arduino. If you go to Aurduino > Tool > Board, we can check. The difference between various boot loaders came from difference with how it take to reset the board. Reset time could be crucially defining according to your project

all the doc is in http://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking

basic logic of how Arduino made up by. Check this out—>ATmega8, ATmega68

class 10.

Today, we hit Tom, Lori, Youjeong, Alex&J, Sarah, and Ben’s project.

And, we looked up EAGLE, which make a schematics for your ultimate designed board.

Tom went through each steps of using the interface which is not quite user friendly.

Here’s the large steps of using EAGLE.

1. choose components you’re using at your bread board. And, they will e placed on the schematic template.

2.connect the components carefully using tool bar as you need. Make sure you’re drawing in the same layer which has different color indication.

3. check if you have any error in your connection by using DCR.

4. 3 CAM Processor does print the final version of your designed board. choose options carefully, and when the pop-up says modifying your job,click on ‘No’.

class 9.

electronic magnetic lock

Japenese youtube video. trick.

If the things look relaxing
score to break through fastest.
addressing that it’s soul activity
It’s enough to trust the system,
The button labeled in a word I want to do or not.
User has to be in control.
give them the option to be remained or leave.
If you’re confused, you won’t be able to trust the system.
Commitment to spend time there.
I get to choose how long I committee there.
‘open door button’ = ‘quit’
Honesty is the key to trust.
Leave it as an option to users to choose whether to have video or audio.
low risk will help users to trust the system and boost the participant.

1. Just for this week, do physical interface system done leaving video recording option as regular.

2. When you think of the project, think of it as an interface which has design challenge of trust, commitment, and relax and also as an art piece that has soul acts.

class 5 – 7. Group work

In terms of the new idea…..

Never mind.

Back to the original statics.

John Schimmel here at ITP.-occupation therapy and sensory integration.

Bean Bag with sound coming from the inside when laying on it.. Have a room that is kinda dark and quiet and let people talk and have the chair vibrate (either words, or have bass(deep) sound to vibrate into the person’s body.

Give options…

class 4.

It’s 1:35 AM and I got this new idea out of blue.

It’ll work in simple and fun way. 🙂
I’m going to make a either a.vibration chair or b.squeezing bracelet as a stress level indicator! How does that sound?
It will have less than five stress level that vary the amount of output. (five is just random number for now.)

In terms of interface, I have two thoughts.
a. users will choose 3 words that are close to describe their emotions among the preselected word board.
b. It’s web based. Users will answer few stages of questions and the evaluation will rate the score, and then it sends to physical device.

In sum up,

input : selection of words, or stress evaluation system in web
output: vibration, or air pressure

Alex, you don’t have to find word filtering App anymore, instead I want you to find technical ways to make the interface happen. i.e. what step will be the first to work, and the time and money scale to work this project.

Arly(lemme know if I wrote your name wrong), I know you have a A.D background, which means you know how people’s mind set works. I want you to come up with more fresh ideas of giving positive experience besides my own idea, which means other possible outputs as stress indicator. I tried to come up with better or new approach, but stuck.

uuuh.. I’m excited! I’ve always wanted to give people fun & meaningful user experience.
This will be it.
-stress level indicator; vibrating chair, pressing bracelet

related project: Cosyze, Cardinus, RateYourself, emWave, etc

class 3.

this week, I was sitting at the Bobst library all day finding theories to support my idea of self therapy by self mirroring.
I found tons of good sources, very satisfied.
John A. Carson made a clear point about effectiveness of self observation in his study at ‘Stress, Self-Concept, and Violence’.
Also, he did case study based on theory that is about developing of multilevel behavior, which is predominantly adapted in modern therapy. His theory is overall supports my concept of self-perception.
Mark Snyder’s study, ‘Cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal consequences of self-monitoring’, will be taken for supporting case study.
Second, as a supporting idea, I’d like to take Richard House’s book, Therapy beyond modernity, which is pointing out about dilemma of modern therapy. It’s has been pointed out that therapy is facing various issues, such as confidentiality, emotional dependence that patients have with therapist, etc.
Third, I’ll quote Chris L. Kleinke’s study, Self- Perception, which is the relation between self-Awareness and positive feelings.
Forth, to support that my idea is essential yet hasn’t been touched, I”ll say, stress effects on creativity and professionalism, and references from ‘burnout: the coast of caring’, ‘beyond burnout’, and ‘professional burnout’.

There’s three more books as reference. Now, I’m ready to persuade audience about my idea, however, have no clue how to make this happen in creative way.

class 2.

feedback from class.

– leave the audio manipulation as an option.

-Is is really important to record or not?

-If you’re unconscious about what’s going on in the booth?

-Keep in mind to open of discussion

– How do we provide the most comfortable mood?

-Setting time for the session? Limited time would work better.

-How can you be settle down at the space?

-Sound proof(audio isolation)

-How about time delay while viewer talk?

-Ask to Rob for setting space

-Talk to Kate

class 1.

class memo.

We have 14 weeks. Tom will be out of the States on week 8 and it will be substituted for guest speaker.

Do intro about your self which could be a short statement of what I don’t want to do and what I need to do, and add what you want to know about other people’s do and about their project.

You have to upload it till on Tuesday to everyone can read it. You’re going to reintroduce your idea as a practice of speech. Use any media to brainstorm. media really helps to sketch your idea in better way. You really have to know what you want to work on it.

Hi folks,

Who want to be my partner?! I promise to be your BFE(best friend at the end of the semester)!

Here’s my project idea which is thesis proposal, more lined up and cut out in shape.

Thesis Statement

Wholistic health benefit provided by knowing yourself more intimately. The more you know about your deserves and troubles, the better you are able to find solutions to them.

Personal Statement & Research

This project starts from my personal user-experience and observation that has been more than 4 years about blogs, such as Myspace.com, and Cyworld.com, etc.
When it come to the key for success of those sites above, I believe that people are greatly intrigued by the new type of approach to strangers which is different with our real world. Specifically, people can have control of their self promotion and they don’t use their personal images as it is in the real world, but usually make it up as they want to be shown by using daily journal including pictures and writings. By doing it, they are fulfilling desire to be better of themselves who they always wanted to be. That’s my theory and observation of people in digital media era, and how people use new tools to get what they want. If you can get better feeling about yourself as a result in any kinds of ways, I would say it’s very nice to do, however, my question is what is the healthier and sustainable venue for the same purpose.

The alternative way is this project. The least I can expect from this project is that user get temporal relief from the act of confession, and the ultimate and ideal goal is that you get the chance of insight towards yourself and joy of finding veiled talent and real you. The ideal user can be adult who don’t feel comfortable to talk in front of strangers such as phycologist or counselors, but who are aware their stress.

Work Description

built in small cozy room in public space isolated properly from out side. Black thick fabric will be used to cover remote issue and it will be tied onto wooden frame.
video and microphone on the table will record while you talk, then it will replay on the screen. you can select to receive it into your email or mobile to review them later again. Web page including sign up system will be provided to user. In terms of privacy issue, I’m figuring out through rough prototype and user test.


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