week 9.

To Do List

1. record voice instruction
2. make a button to release the lock
3. switch(lock) that will trigger video

4. make a just one sentence of user experience
5. make user to explain their experience.


1. intention : To provoke people to think what really matters in their lives by using isolation and self-monitor

2. work description : Provokable story-telling based upon assigned situation. Subject will be video taped while the performance. There will be 1 minute interval between recording and play back.

3. User scenario : It could be placed at art gallery or a company’s public space. Subject are triggered by sound from inside of the open door. When door is closed, it triggers audio instruction. Users can choose to leave or stay by pushing between two buttons written commit and quit for each. Buttons will either lock the door or stop the interface. Lights will be down if you choose to remain and video starts record and play. Instruction will be given on the screen with sound. Users can decide when to leave.

4 psychological component :
Trap of metaphor. Desperation for get out of suffering actually helped me to have self-perception.

5. work description : A Small cozy cube in public space isolating sound and space properly from out side.
Audio instruction layout is below:
” Hi, there. How was your day today, same old day? I can make your day memorable now for 5 minutes. Do you want to stay? You can lock the door by pressing ‘Commit’ button so that no one can interrupt you.
Great. (3 sec pause) (random query) Why don’t you think about who is the most annoying person, and why? ”

Distance sensor will trigger audio instruction through Jitter.
Buttons are connected to magnetic door lock.
Subject will be captured by concealed camera and microphone operating through Jitter.
In terms of Jitter patch performance, as the first step, it records quick time movie both video and audio by ‘commit’ button on, secondly plays random part in 3, 5, 8 second length after 2 minute of start. Last, when users finish, they leave email address which will be password in order to access to whole video one the web.

6. what the component to draw people into the room? 1. music 2. money 3.fame

What I need to make till tomorrow.
1. simulation of the room a. illustration b. miniature.
2. video in 4 different angles.



voice changing software : morphVOX

heating sensor

John Schimmel here at ITP.-occupation therapy and sensory integration.

Bean Bag with sound coming from the inside when laying on it.. Have a room that is kinda dark and quiet and let people talk and have the chair vibrate (either words, or have bass(deep) sound to vibrate into the person’s body.

Give options…

the name could be ‘serenity coffin’

week 2.


this week, I was sitting at the Bobst library all day finding theories to support my idea of self therapy by self mirroring.

I found tons of good sources, very satisfied.

John A. Carson made a clear point about effectiveness of self observation in his study at ‘Stress, Self-Concept, and Violence’.

Also, he did case study based on theory that is about developing of multilevel behavior, which is predominantly adapted in modern therapy. His theory is overall supports my concept of self-perception.

Mark Snyder’s study, ‘Cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal consequences of self-monitoring’, will be taken for supporting case study.

Second, as a supporting idea, I’d like to take Richard House’s book, Therapy beyond modernity, which is pointing out about dilemma of modern therapy. It’s has been pointed out that therapy is facing various issues, such as confidentiality, emotional dependence that patients have with therapist, etc.

Third, I’ll quote Chris L. Kleinke’s study, Self- Perception, which is the relation between self-Awareness and positive feelings.

Forth, to support that my idea is essential yet hasn’t been touched, I”ll say, stress effects on creativity and professionalism, and references from ‘burnout: the coast of caring’, ‘beyond burnout’, and ‘professional burnout’.

There’s three more books as reference. Now, I’m ready to persuade audience about my idea, however, have no clue how to make this happen in creative way, yet.

week 1.

informal presentation about thesis idea and background.

due to next week, it’s required to prepare that formal presentation with visuals and any tools for effective communications about your thesis idea.


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