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class blogs including 2by2, dynamic web development, design workshop, and live image processing. enjoy my happy&hard journey at NYU.

ITP 2007 winter show

show poster

Come to see bunch of interactions and my work as well.



gimme a break! constant suffering from creative process.

can’t get anything done by that day.

what am I goin to do?

lost my joy inside.


I want Tengu!!

크리스마스 선물로 탱구 사주실 분~~~

연말까지 BFF가 되어 드립니다.



French artist.

smoking lamp, train, etc.


Cured IKEA Mania

“By hand shaking with electric lady, Mr. Jones declares you to be cured IKEA mania.”

Mr. Jones


another ITP

MIT Media Lab and ITP.

I thought the two of them are representative names of ‘interactive media art’, before I found


the site linked is of a Korean girl’s work posted, which is pretty impressive, and challenging me.

wow, I got to be bust myself up little more.


U.S government is just like Korean, in terms of spending way too much budget on military under the name of ‘building strong defense’.

What I’m surprised is that the efforts to provoke action, such as links below.

Not every American lazy are as it’s shown in the media. Hope to see similar examples in Korea soon, since it’s neglected for long time, even though it had great needs.

1, 2, 3,